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 About Offshore Technology Institute

Competency and skills and gap
The existence of a competency, skills and knowledge gap amongst Nigerians in the oil and gas industry  accounts for the dominance by expatriates in the upper cadre where sophisticated equipment and application of high technical skills and know how are applied.

These account for the distortion in the employment and earnings ratio in the industry; 60 per cent of the paid workers are Nigerians but this workforce receives an estimated 20 per cent of the total wages in the industry (Omar, 2012).

Oil was discovered on shore in Oloibiri in 1956 and offshore in Bonga field in 1996 by Shell. Since the Bonga field find, E&P operations offshore now covers 251 oil fields with the IOCs and indigenous companies actively involved.

This increasing activity offshore calls for active participation by skilled Nigerians.

That is where OTI comes in.

Vision and mission of OTI

OTI vision is to be a competent capacity building centre of excellence in engineering and sustainable energy studies in Africa with specific focus on offshore and subsea development.

Its mission is to be the centre of excellence in engineering, professional studies and competency training that challenges the knowledge, understanding and proficiency of candidates, and to encourage focused and collaborative research and development programmes for real-time knowledge transfer relevant to the needs of the oil and gas industry.

OTI programmes of Study

The Master of Science in Offshore Engineering and Pipeline Engineering in the first instance is a drive to the vision and mission of OTI.

These are twelve months intensive programmes with faculty from UNIPORT other Universities within and outside Nigeria and seasoned industry personnel. The admission criteria is minimum of  second upper degree in engineering or a very good second lower degree with five years’ post qualification experience in a relevant industry.

The present crop of students passed through a rigorous admission process; first of a computer based test followed by an oral interview. Each of them here is on merit.

The programmes involve formal classroom teaching, group discussions, assignments, field trips, three months industry attachment for hands on experience and the individual projects. The programmes call for diligence, consistent hard work and focus on the part of the students.

On a successful completion of the programme the students will in addition to the M.Sc degree get professional certifications.

We admitted 31 students on inception; there is a female in the group

Call for support

This is a fledgling institute and needs assistance from the industry in order to realize its ideals.

OTI  has need to build up its library, the computer and other laboratories, vehicles, office equipment and multimedia facilities for lecture delivery. We will particularly solicit for assistance from industry for the three months industry placement. We also call for sponsorship for our students.

The programme will just as IPS produce industry ready graduates.

Prof. John Okoli

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